BJH Music Boosters Annual Christmas Tree & Wreath Sale: Saturday, December 8!


Can you believe it is time for the annual Tree, Wreath and Bake Sale at the BJHS?  This is a major fundraiser for the Music Boosters. If you are receiving this email it is because your son or daughter is a band and/or chorus student at BJHS and YOU are a BJHS Music Booster! We need your help to make this another successful year.  So, get ready to bake and/or volunteer some time working at this event.  It is festive, fun and the place to be on December 8th.

If you would like to help sell wreaths and trees please contact Claudia Brzoza at or 729 3257.
She needs 6 people to work each of these shifts:
7:00-9:00    8:30-10:30    10-12:00

If you would like to work at the bake sale please contact Darlene Escoe at:   or  729-4123
She needs 3 people at each of these shifts:
7:30-9:30   9:00-11:00    10:30-12:00

You do not need to respond to us about baking, please just bake……everybody should bake.  Cookies, whoopie pies (big seller), brownies, cakes, pies, muffins, breads, candy.  No time to bake? Bring donuts/muffins from Dunkin, Tim Hortons, BoHo, Wild Oats or your favorite place.

PLEASE individually wrap your baked goods in a manner that is ready to sell.  LABEL if it contains nuts.  If you need a dish back please label it.  You can bring your baked goods to the band room on Friday or to the sale early Saturday morning (December 8).

Thank you in advance,
Claudia Brzoza, Chairperson Tree and Wreath
Darlene Escoe, Chairperson Bake Sale

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