“New Look” for BJH Performing Groups Concert Attire!

We are “off and running” and very excited about the quality of work our young musicians are ALL READY producing! We can’t wait to share our music with you at our first concerts (see the calendar for dates!).

It’s never too early to start planning for concert dress. This year, our ensembles will be moving towards a “new look”. Beginning this year, “formal concert attire” for all of our ensembles will be “concert black”: black from “neck to toes” 🙂
We understand that last year’s “concert black and white” may still be a good fit! This will be a “transition year” for concert attire–students who already have last year’s concert attire of “black from the waist down, white dress shirts” can use that “uniform” again this year.

To help you get an idea of the “look” we are going for, we’ve posted some pictures below. Some things to note:

  • Ties are optional
  • The idea behind “formal concert attire” for any performing ensemble is a “uniform look” for the members of the group.
  • A conservative “dressy” look (neckline, sleeves, length of skirt) is appropriate (avoid “sports pants”; shoulders should be covered; if wearing a skirt/dress, you’ll need black opaque tights).

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns!

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