Donations and volunteers needed

I am having trouble with my email distribution lists. It appears that the email I sent out yesterday, did NOT get to any of the intended recipients. I have someone from the tech department working on it now…hopefully we’ll get it figured out soon! In the meantime….please feel free to share the following information with band parents/families that you know.


I hope this email finds you well (and with power!) on this stormy Monday!

First, thanks so much to all of you who have volunteered to assist with the parade on Wednesday! As of 11:00 AM this morning (Monday) when I spoke with Troy at the Rec Center, the parade was a “go” for Wednesday. Obviously, conditions may change (drastically) between then and now. You can find the latest information on the band website. I will try to keep that “current”. You can also call the school. We should know for sure by noontime on Wednesday.

We have another need for assistance! BJH is hosting the MMEA District 3 7th & 8th Gr. Honors Music Festival Auditions on Thursday, November 8. Between 3:00 and 9:00 that afternoon/evening, we will have music students and their teachers from about 35 schools in the midcoast area here to audition for the D3 Honors Band and Chorus. The schools will come and go throughout the afternoon and evening but when all is said and done, close to 500 young musicians will have passed through our doors to play for the judges!

As part of our hosting “duties”, we will be selling concessions as a fundraiser for our music program and as a service to the auditioning students and their teachers.
We are in need of the following:
1.     Donations of baked goods (individually packaged for a bake sale)
2.     Donations of fruit
3.     Donations of bottled water
4.     Volunteers to help man the concession area: 2 shifts—3:00-5:30 and 5-8:30 (or when business starts to wrap up—probably a bit earlier)
If you can help with any of the above, please contact Sarah Deck who is coordinating concessions for this event. Her email is: <>

Thank you in advance for your help with this important event!!

-Heidi Anderson, BJH Band Director

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