How to Present Your Work

How to present your work

Unless otherwise indicated by your teacher – all written work to be submitted should have your full name in the upper right hand side of the paper, followed underneath by the section (1-2 Orange), subject (Global History I) and the date.

When writing answers on lined pieces of paper it is always a good idea to skip a line or two between question-set responses. This adds to readability as well as provides room for the teacher to provide comments. Do not bunch up all your answers just to squeeze it in on one side of one piece of paper. Also do not feel as if you should cut short or rush your conclusions simply because you are nearing the end of a piece of lined paper.

In general, it is preferable for you to write in either blue or black ink. While for some assignments pencil may be required, it is best to ensure that your answer can be easily read and assessed by your teacher. If you are concerned about making an error, it is fine to simply draw one line through the word or phrase you wish to be omitted; you never know you might have written something brilliant down so it would be a shame to cross it all out and miss the consideration of another point/mark. You should always strive to present the best penmanship possible so that your responses are legible. While this may be difficult under timed conditions, such as a test, it is important if you hope to get credit for what you have written. All major B.H.S. tests and exams will require you to handwrite your responses and all externally moderated exams (e.g., Advanced Placement – A.P.) will definitely require you to handwrite your responses.