FAQ: Halloween Parade

Frequently Asked Questions about the Halloween Parade:

Q. What’s a lyre and why do I need one?
A. A lyre is the device that holds music (mini music stand) for marching. It attaches to your instrument. You will need a lyre for band throughout Jr. High and High School. They are not very expensive and something that is very necessary for marching/pep band!

Q. I don’t have a lyre! Where can I get one??
A. Any music store (locally or online) that sells band equipment should have lyres! Some suggestions:
Music Center (Tontine Mall, Brunswick)
Perkins Music House (135 Madison Ave, Skowhegan, phone: 800-PLA-SONG) Be sure to tell Mr. Perkins that you need your lyre RIGHT AWAY so he can get it right in the mail for you!!!
Music & Arts (Online or in West Falmouth, phone 797-3494) (Again, be sure to get a “guaranteed delivery date” so you’ll have it in time for the parade!)
MANY online music supply companies! Even Amazon sells lyres!

Caution: Be sure the lyre you order will FIT your instrument! They are all different!!!

Q. Do we stay after school on Monday, October 31?
A. YES! At the walker bell, you should report to the gymnasium ready to line up! You’ll need your instrument, music attached to your lyre attached to your instrument 😉 , and be in costume (if you’re wearing one).

Q. What happens next?
A. We’ll line up in the gym and spend some time rehearsing “Rockin’ Halloween” all together. When we’re ready (and no later than 3:30) we’ll head outside, readjust our lines, and begin our march down to the mall!

Q. And when we get to the mall? What then??
A. We’ll stay in formation, play for the gathering crowd, and when everyone is ready, the “official” parade steps off! We’ll lead…. followed by all the kids/families in costume, with the BHS Band in the rear. The parade route is: down Maine St, right onto Bank St, right onto Federal St. We’ll disband and load buses to ride back to the Jr. High. That’s where your parents should pick you up (around 5:00).

Q. What if it’s raining?
A. If the weather is bad (rain or mist), Mr. Scarpone and I will make a decision about whether or not the bands will participate. Our primary consideration will be whether conditions will lead to potential water damage to instruments. Please note: puddles on the ground will NOT keep us from marching! Moisture from the sky may. 😕

Q. What do I wear if I’m NOT going to wear a costume?
A. Students not dressing in costume should wear their BJHS Marching Band shirt if they have one. If not, wear a long-sleeved black or white casual shirt/sweatshirt/jacket.

Q. What about shoes? Flip flops go with my costume? Can I wear those?
A. All marching band students need to be wearing appropriate footwear for marching: closed toed, rubber soled shoes (like sneakers). Flip flops, “heels”, slippers, “strappy sandals”, glass slippers, ginormous clown shoes, etc… are NOT appropriate for marching and are in fact, a safety hazard!

Q. Can I wear fake teeth as part of my costume?
A. Can you play wearing fake teeth? Ask yourself that for ANY costume related “can I” question! If the answer is “No, I can’t play….or I can…but not well” I think you have the answer to YOUR question.  🙄

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