2016 Election

Below you will find links to information on the candidates, ballot questions, voting, etc.

I Side With
is a website with a political ideologies quiz you can take to see which candidate you would most likely support, based on your stances on particular political issues.

Pro/Con is a website that shows where the candidates stand on particular political issues.

The Maine Department of Elections and Voting has all the information you’ll need to know about how to vote in Maine.

Here is some General Information About Voting in Maine – and Brunswick.

Here is the 2016 Maine Citizens Guide to the Election – it contains all five referendum questions and the bond issue – especially helpful is the “Intent and Content” at the end of each piece of legislation – this summarizes the proposal in an understandable format.

The League of Women Voters has a great Voter Guide as well.

And for some fun, check out “Skimm the Vote” – lots of good information and very entertaining!