Extra Credit Journalism Assignments

Advice Column-  Write an advice column where you are presented a letter of concern from another person and you address each one of the concerned person’s issues.
Value:  20% of one writing assignment.  Advice Column Questions

Sports Article-  Write an original article about a sporting event, perhaps a school team, where you thoroughly report about the contest’s outcome,
Value:  A news story

Review-  Write an article about a movie you watched, a concert you attended or a book that you read.  Introduce the essential individuals associated with the production along with highlights and a recommendation of whether you recommend others to invest their time and/or money to see the same production.  Review Link
Value:  A news story

Obituary– See Obituary Link
Value:  50% of a news story

Comic Strip/Cartoon:  Create an original cartoon with at least three frames or a political cartoon.
Value:  25% of one writing assignment

Horoscope:  See Horoscope Link
Value: A news story

Blog:  See Blog Link
The value depends on the length of the blog.

Advertisement:  See Advertisement Link
Value:  50% of Interview