2014 Election Info

Elections and Voting; this site has many links to other pages with specific information about registering to vote, candidates, referendum questions, polling places, and other election information

2014 Maine Voters Guide; this is a pdf of all seven referendum questions; you may read the entire bill as passed by our legislature, or (I suggest) skip to the “Intent and Content” section at the end of each question for a short summary [and for those who really need help voting, it will even tell you what “yes” and “no” votes mean!]

Voter Information; this page has a link to a list of your candidates for local and state elections as well as links for sample ballots from your district

Maine Ballotpedia; this is a wiki of all election issues and candidates (remember – a wiki is a site on which any member may post – you should carefully read and scrutinize all information for accuracy and when in doubt, double-check)

Here are sample ballots:

Maine State Ballot

Brunswick Ballot 1

Brunswick Ballot 2

Brunswick Ballot 3

Positions and Candidates

(listed in the order they appear on the ballot)

Maine’s Senate Race

Shenna Bellows – Democrat

Susan Collins – Republican (incumbent)


Gubernatorial Election links

(I know – that word sounds weird – but it’s the real word for the Governor’s election)

Eliot Cutler – Independent

Paul LePage – Republican (incumbent)

Michael Michaud – Democratic


District 1 House of Representatives Race

Isaac Misiuk – Republican

Richard Murphy – Independent

Chellie Pingree – Democrat (incumbent)