Band Binder Table of Contents

Band Binder “Table of Contents” (The titles in Bold Print are the section titles and should be what your labels read)

  1. Resources
    Fingering Chart(s)
    Circle of Fourths Chart
  2. Fundamentals
    Grand Master Scale
    Major, Minor and Blues Scales
    Scale Warm ups (in the following keys: Bb; Eb; Ab; F; Db; C; G; D; g minor)
    Scales and Tecnicises (in the following keys: Bb/Eb; F; Ab
    Warmups in 4 Keys with Long Tones (2 pages)
    Long Tone Warm-ups
    “Tricky Note Warm Up” 
    Exercise 1-14 (14 weeks to a Better Band)
    Poston Band Warm-up Packet (pages numbered 1-5
    Clarke Studies (2 pages)
    Slow Blues in F
  3. Chorales
    36 Chorales for Band
    Three Warm-up Chorales for Band (some instruments have multiple parts for this: i.e. Bb Trumpet 1; Bb Trumpet 2; etc…)
    Neophonic Choral
  4. “Your Instrument” Technique (for example: Trumpet Technique)
    This section will be very different for everyone but should start with “Practice this Page Only on the Days You Eat”
  5. Repertoire: This section is for the music we are currently working on in Band. You can have it as your last section….or your first section….Whichever works best for you!   😀