2018 Halloween Parade Information for Band Students and Parents

The parade is WEDNESDAY, October 31!

  • Students will be staying after school to prepare. 
  • Students should NOT wear their costume to school. They will only have about 10 minutes after school to change. They won’t be able to apply make-up, hair spray, etc… at school. Please help them make appropriate choices. 🙂
  • I’ve gotten many questions about wearing masks and gloves… Here are the guidelines: musician needs to be able to play their instrument as well as they are able WITHOUT the mask/gloves; in the case of a mask, it is important that they can see clearly in front of them and have good peripheral vision as well. This is for their safety, and the safety of the other students. Again, thanks for helping them make good costume choices! 🙂
  • If your child chooses not to wear a costume, they should wear “school colors”: Red and/or White. 
  • EVERYONE (costumed or not) should dress for the weather. It’s going to be cool!!
  • At the end of the parade all students will return to the Jr. High on busses. You should plan on picking them up at the Jr. High between 5:15 and 5:30. 
  • In the case of inclement weather, a decision about participating will be made by 1:00. Please check the school and/or music department website or call the main office if you are not sure of our marching status. 

If your child is participating in the parade, be sure they have a “marching lyre”—the device that attaches to their instrument to hold their music. Most 7th & 8th graders should have one from previous years but most 6th grade students will need to purchase one! You should be able to find lyres at any store that sells band supplies including the Music Center (Tontine Mall) and from David French Music https://www.davidfrenchmusic.com (under “accessories”, look for “marching”.) You can even find them on Amazon! NOTE: not all trumpet and sax lyres fit all instruments. If you’re purchasing locally, bring the instrument with you. If you’re ordering online, look carefully at the lyre “design”—straight, “L” shaped, etc…

Parade volunteers will be getting a separate email with some details before the end of the week. If you did not check the “volunteer” box on your child’s form, not to worry! It’s not too late! Be in the Jr. High gymnasium at 2:30 on October 31! The more, the merrier….Costumes for parents are optional. 

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