Important Jazz Festival Information!

The District 3 Jazz festival has been cancelled HOWEVER we are doing an alternative event tomorrow afternoon (Friday, March 1) so that the we can attempt to qualify for the state jazz festival and get the much needed clinic before UNH next Saturday:

  • Regular Jazz Band rehearsal at 7:05 am!
  • The Jazz Band will perform for 3 clinicians tomorrow at 2:00 in the band room. This will have the same importance as the “regular” jazz festival performance. We will receive scores as well as a clinic.
  • At 2:40, the Monday combo will perform for the same clinicians and those students will receive a clinic and some live feedback. The Friday combo will perform at 3:10.

The performances are open to the public but seating will be limited. We will close the doors at 2:00 so the band can perform uninterrupted. We will open them again at 2:30 for the combo performances.

All Jazz Band and Combo members should plan on being back at school no later than 7:00 for the Husky Howl. The Howl should be over around 9:00.

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