November 17 – Day 4

6 3/4
1.  Discussion – how to use glazes:

  1. No mixing colors
  2. Wash brush thoroughly when switching colors
  3. No overlapping different colors
  4. Apply 3 solid, even coats of glaze
  5. Stir or CAREFULLY shake glaze to mix it up before you use it (check lid first, and hold it on with both hands)

2.  Glaze bobblehead and base – you will be graded on the following: correctly following the glaze rules, neatness, using different colors to emphasize details

1.  Printing demo: Tools needed, proper set-up, printing an artist’s proof, clean-up procedures
2.  Transfer and carve your abstract pattern on your linoleum
3.  Print artist’s proofs – SAVE YOUR BEST PROOF (you will need to turn it in at the end of the project)

1.  Hand out and review rubric
2.  Continue final draft drawings – DUE Monday, November 23

1.  Continue final draft drawings – DUE Monday, November 23

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