Clay Whistle Creatures

Clay Whistle (or rattle) Creatures

About this unit:

There’s a lot going on in this unit!  You will fire up your imagination and invent a never-before-seen creature (learning how artists sometimes overcome creative roadblocks by loosening up by playing drawing games); you will learn how to create a musical instrument (whistle or rattle) out of clay; and you will learn clay sculpting techniques to bring your creature to life!

There is also an optional assignment at the end of this unit in which you can use your laptop to design a poster or brochure telling people about your creature.  If chosen, this will count as a Skill Sheet.

Graded assignments:

  • Random creature drawing game
  • Creating your own creature (drawing)
  • Final project: sculpting your Clay Whistle/Rattle Creature


  • Clay Techniques
  • Wedging
  • Pinch pot
  • Score/Slip/Smooth
  • Texture