Photography – Artistic Points of View

About this unit:

Photography can be a very powerful art form. We take photographs all the time these days (think of the popularity of things like tumblr, instagram, etc.), but in the hands of artists, photography can literally change the way we see the world! Photography can be used to document current events, to bring about justice, to illustrate the effects of environmental issues, to investigate new discoveries, and to point out the unnoticed beauty in our surroundings.

In short, photography makes us see the world in new ways.

As we go on photography field trips around the school, challenge yourself to take artistic photographs that make us see things in new and unique ways. A fun and easy way to force yourself to take photographs from unique points of view is to go on a scavenger hunt – not for objects, but for photographs that illustrate prepositions.

Graded assignments:

Field trip behavior and responsibility (classwork grade)
Photography Scavenger Hunt (classwork grade)
Final Project: PhotographyRubric (project grade)


  • Composition
  • Point of view
  • Preposition