Skill Sheets

It is completely natural for different artists to work at different paces.  Some artists can do excellent work very efficiently, while others need a greater amount of time to work in extreme detail.  In the art classroom, this means that students will complete major projects at their own pace (up to the deadline, of course).  If a student finishes a project before the deadline, they are still expected to use their class time productively.  That’s where Skill Sheets come in!

Skill Sheets are simple, non-messy DIY art activities that can be done on your own without direct teacher instruction – perfect for when you have free time in art class, during study hall, at home, or when your art teacher is absent.  They are fun worksheets that improve artistic skills like:

  • Using your imagination
  • Creative brainstorming
  • Drawing textures
  • Coloring
  • Creative problem-solving
  • Pattern design
  • Drawing in 3D

Students always have many Skill Sheets to chose from (24 choices at the moment!), and are required to complete several of them each quarter.
6th Grade: 3 Skill Sheets per quarter
7th and 8th Grade: 4 Skill Sheets per quarter

Students can turn in completed Skill Sheets at any time.  Skill Sheets must be fully completed and show careful effort.  You will not get credit if it looks like you rushed, or didn’t put effort into it, or if you did not follow the directions written on the Skill Sheet.

Here are a few Skill Sheets that you can print out and work on at home (many more are available from the display in Ms. Bucknam’s room):