Art Folder – Graphic Design: Words & Imagery

About this unit:

In this unit you will learn about Graphic Design – specifically, how words and imagery can be creatively combined to give an artwork deeper meaning and a greater visual impact.  Using GoogleDoodles as inspiration, you will create a unique work of art on your folder that artistically combines the letters of your name with imagery that tells us something about yourself.  Your choice of composition and media (art materials).

Graded assignments:


  • Graphic Design
  • Theme
  • Composition
  • Focal Point

DoodleGalaxyDoodleLocomotive DoodleChemistry DoodleEricCarle DoodleCandy DoodleLondonUnderground DoodleMiddleAges DoodleSeuss DoodlePacman DoodleSushi

Ontario's Cindy Tang, age 17, wins the first ever Doodle 4 Google Canada competition for her illustration of an underwater sea telescope. (CNW Group/Google Canada)

Click HERE to go to the GoogleDoodle website for more examples.