November 4 – Day 4

Ms. Bucknam has laryngitis and cannot talk!  We still have work to do, however…

6 3/4
1.  Finish Creating Depth worksheet
2.  Skill Sheets when finished (new ones: 10×10 Winter Art, Doodle4Google, Op Art hand)

1.  Continue final draft of 1 Point Perspective drawings: pencil, then skinny black drawing pen, then color.  Neatness and accuracy counts!

1.  Introduction to next unit:  Drawing – 3 choices
2.  Texture worksheet – turn in at the end of class

1.  Next drawing technique: Still-life drawing from observation.  Choose 2-3 objects from the still-life buffet, arrange them on your placemat so they overlap (not all side by side), Start carefully drawing the object that is closest to you by looking for its contour lines and slowly sketching them, editing and making corrections as you go.  You should look at the object more than you look at your drawing.  This type of drawing requires complete concentration; talking will distract your brain from its task.  We will have a quiet work day!

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