SAT Dates

2018 Dates – at BHS – October 6, November 1, December 1

2019 Dates at BHS – March 9, May 4, June 1 at BHS

ACT Testing –

****Above dates are test dates offered at Brunswick High School.  Test are given at other times at nearby schools for interested students**** 

Please visit the websites listed below for additional dates or contact the Counseling Office. **To register for the ACT test go to
To register for this test go to and go to the SAT section

   Test Preparation sites:

5 SAT’s and ACT’s MUSTS
  1. Review the basics.  The math section of the SAT test arithmetic, algebra, and geometry.  For the ACT you’ll also need to know some trigonometry.  Both test will have reading comprehension, and the ACT’s will stress grammar while the SAT’s test vocabulary.
  2. Learn the specific techniques.  Learn good test-taking techniques.  Refer to test-prep books or check out the above websites.
  3. Apply the techniques.  Take timed practice tests and then analyze your answers.  This will help you evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Study in a comfortable environment.  This will boost your discipline and make the test seem less intimidating.
  5. Stick to a serious study plan.  Set up a consistent schedule that allows you to study for your test.  Many stores offer SAT Prep programs for the computer and even for your vcr/dvd.


Tips for taking the SAT’s and ACT’s
One week before the test date
  • Review areas of strength to boost your confidence
  • Eat healthy and get at least eight hours of sleep a night

One day before the test date

  • Don’t study.  Cramming is unlikely to help you.
  • Relax your brain so you can tackle the test with a clear mind.
  • Set out everything you will need to bring to the test:
    admission ticket, photo id, 3 #2 pencils with good erasers, watch, calculator with fresh batteries and directions to the test site.

 Test day

  • Wake up early enough to get to the test site without rushing
  • Eat a healthy breakfast
  • Wear comfortable clothes
5 SAT’s and ACT’s Don’t
  1. Don’t read the questions for the first time on test day.  Try to become familiar with the format of the test before the test date.
  2. Don’t rush.  On the SAT test the last 3 questions of each section are always the hardest.  Do the easier questions first.  The only exception to this is the critical reading passages.
  3. Don’t guess blindly.  On the SAT test you will lose a fraction of a point for a wrong answer.  On the ACT test you do not lose points for incorrect answers, so guessing is ok.
  4. Don’t get stuck.  It’s important to answer all the questions you do know, then go back to the questions you are unsure of.
  5. Don’t ignore any answer choices.  Make sure you look at all the choices before answering your question