College Application Process

*General Information

*College Application Process

General Information

**All students are encouraged to set up an appointment with their counselor during the Junior year to discuss “Life After High School”.  This will give your counselor an opportunity to explore options for college and assist with the college application process.  It can open doors for those who wish to go into the work force as well as the many opportunities that you may not be considering.  Finally questions can be answered for those who are interested in joining any branch of the military.

The College Application Process:

  • decide which schools you are interested in

  • set up an appointment with your counselor to discuss colleges and to pick up your College Packet


The process for applying to college will be an easy one as long as we all pay attention to a few simple guidelines:

Make an appointment with your counselor to discuss your after high school plans. 

Included in your College Packet:
Important Dates to Remember

     Records Release Form         Must be signed by a parent or the student if they are 18 or older

     College Information Sheet    Please complete this form

     2 Teacher Recommendation Sheets

o   These must be given to 2 teachers who you are NOT going to ask for a formal written recommendation to go with your college application.  Once you have given these sheets to the teachers you will never see them again.  The teacher will return these sheets to the Counseling Office and your Counselor will use these sheets for his/her recommendation.

      Senior Info Sheet This sheet must be completed unless you have a resume to include in this packet.



      Signed Records Release Form (if applicable)

     College Information Sheet

     Student Info Sheet or Resume

     Application supplements

All college applications include a supplemental sheet titled “Counselor Recommendation” or “Academic Report”.  You should have one for each college you are applying to.    

*** The exception is if you are using the “Common App”.  You only need to turn in 1 copy of the Common App Counselor Sheet and we will photocopy it for each of your colleges. 

If you decide to add another college to your list after turning in your folder, please complete an Additional College Form.   

***Please Note:  The Counseling Office will not send your application to any college. 

This is your responsibility.

 IMPORTANT NOTE:  Once you have turned in your College Folder, you will receive a notification instruction sheet.  This will have an email address on it.  You will need to notify Ms. Wight or your counselor by email or by stopping in, when you have sent your college application.  The College Information Sheet will include all colleges/universities that you PLAN to apply to.  Since some students do not end up applying to all of the colleges that they list ~ your notification that you have sent your application is our key to send your transcript and counselor recommendation letter to that specific school. 

Please do not forget this step.    

 If you have any questions regarding this process, please see Ms. Wight in the Counseling Office.


College application deadline

Pick up packet from Counselor no later than:

College packet must be returned to Counseling Office no later than:

November 15

October 1st

October 15th

December 1st

October 15th

November 1st

December 15th

November 1st

November 15th

December 30/January 1

November 1st

November 22nd

January 15th

December 1st

December 15th

January 30th

December 15th

January 1st

February 15th

January 1st

January 15th

March 1st

January 15th

February 1st

**Packets are processed in the order of arrival.  It is very important to follow the timeline so you are not turning in materials at the last minute.**

**Important note – if your college deadline is in January you need to remember that the high school counselors do not work during Christmas vacation.  Please plan accordingly to get your materials in early.***