9th Grade


More Choices More Independence More responsibilities
-which classes to take -You’ll be challenged to think for -good attendance
-how to manage your time yourself and make good decisions. -getting to class on time
-which activities to take part in You’ll also have to start thinking -planning a study schedule
-whether to join any clubs or about college or job training and -adjusting to new school rules
     teams possible career choices.

****Teachers will let students know what is needed for their class on the first day of school****

Sometimes during their grade 9 year students will attend a number of sessions of the “Career Pathways” program during their study halls. The program is used to help students start thinking about a 4 year post-secondary plan. Both, career planning and college planning will be explored.

In high school grades are important.  They will have an impact on what colleges you get into and what jobs you get.  Your first year grades are part of your grade point average (GPA).  Colleges and employers will use your overall GPA to help determine what kind of student or worker you will be.  It is important during your 9th grade year that you come to the Counseling Office and meet your counselor.

-know when your work is due by keeping a homework assignment notebook (all students will be given one on the first day of school).
-write down dates for tests and quizzes in homework assignment notebook.
-schedule a regular homework time.
-set up a study area where you can do homework without being disturbed.
-Avoid distractions while you study.  These includes: TV, loud music, telephone or other noise or people.
-set short-term goals that you can reach
-plan to do quality work and get it done on time
-use color coded notebooks for each class.  Write the name of the class on the cover. Make separate sections for homework, notes, tests, quizzes, and handouts.
-keep your book bag and locker neat so you can find what you need without wasting time.  Repack your bag at night to avoid rushing to find things in the morning.

 Not everyone studies the same way.  You’ll be surprised at the difference good study skills can make!!!!