College: Visits and Helpful Information

Which Colleges are Visiting BHS?

Seniors must request a pass in advance from the Counseling Office to visit with these representatives.  Passes must additionally be approved and signed by the appropriate teacher.

The following colleges will be visiting Brunswick High School
College Date Time

Looking for some college information?  Here are some good sites to check out.

  1. Neatness counts.  Applications must be typed or printed in ink. Never use a pencil.
  2. Make copies of everything.  Sometimes things get misplaced at the college and you will need to replace whatever has been misplaced.  If you have a copy this will speed up the process.
  3. Send the application in on time.  If the application gets to the school after the deadline, it can affect whether or not you are admitted, and what financial aid you will receive.  Be sure to turn your college packet into the Counseling Office 2-3 weeks prior to the deadline date.
  4. Don’t give in to stress.  Getting into a college is not a life-or-death matter.  Try not to spend much time worrying.
  5. Don’t slack off grade-wise.  Even though you are a senior, colleges will require transcripts of your grades throughout the year.  Even though you are accepted at a school, if you slack off too much, they will reconsider your admission to their school.

**  Use the common application – this submits a standard application form to 227 member colleges.  Before you use this application check with the college to make sure they accept it.


Are You Visiting a College Campus?

  • Plan ahead.  A weekday when school is in session is the best time to visit a campus.  If you plan to visit during the week and this is a school you know you are very interested in, try to set up an interview with the admissions office.  Plan to take a tour of the campus and ask about attending classes or even spending a night with a student.  All this can be done through the admissions office.
  • If you are interested in playing any sports at this school, try to touch base with the coach or ask the admissions office to set up a meeting with the coach when you are there.
  • Try to attend any open house the college is offering.  Most colleges will offer fee waivers to families who attend the open house.  Plus this is another good opportunity to get a feel for the school.
  • Check out the town and surrounding communities.  It’s important to get a feel of the area.  Do you want to be in a small community or a big city??  Getting a feel for the area will let you know if you will be comfortable there.
  • Keep a journal of all your college visits.  Write your impressions of the school and the area immediately after your visit.  This is extremely important, especially if you are visiting several schools at one time.
  • What activities and services (academically and socially) are available to help the incoming Freshmen get settled.
  • How big are the classes?
  • Is the faculty accessible to the students?
  • What is the total cost of attending this school?
  • Are freshmen assigned to an academic counselor?
  • What are the housing arrangements for Freshmen?
  • How successful are graduating seniors in finding jobs?
  • Does your campus offer a career counseling office? ..and can it be accessed by alumni?
  • What is available locally for students?