Performance Indicator:  

Language:   Demonstrate command of the conventions of Standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking.


Copy/paste the rules for using the following marks of punctuation.  You will be required to hand in the rules as well as complete at least ten of the on-line punctuation practice links provided below (you may use other suitable links if you prefer).  You are not required to hand in copies of the on-line practices.  The application of these rules are represented on future summative assessments including the mid-year exam.

Your learning application likely does not require you at this point to copy/paste all of the provided rules.  Instead, synchronize the rules according to your need.  You will be allowed to use these notes on the punctuation assessments.  You are required to include the full notes/rules for:  commas rules, for Capitalization standards,  and for  writing numbers.


These links will provide you with the preferred source the punctuation marks as punctuation standards vary due to the constantly changing writing applications: 

Punctuation Marks:

question mark
quotation mark
writing numbers

The following links provide you with an excellent source for practicing your command of the various punctuation rules.  You will have class opportunities to engage in several of these online resources in order to prepare you for the punctuation test.

Punctuation Practice #1
Punctuation Practice #2
Comma Quiz #1
Comma Quiz #2

Apostrophe Quiz
Colon Practice
Quotation Marks Practice
Capitalization & Punctuation
Writing Numbers Practice #1
Writing Numbers Practice #2
Dash/Hyphen Practice #1
Hyphen Quiz
Punctuation #1 Practice
Punctuation #2 Practice
Punctuation #3 Practice