Nonfiction Exam Review


PART 1  MATCHING                                                            18 POINTS

                Identify the parts to an expository essay.


PART 2  MULTIPLE CHOICE                                                12 POINTS

                Identify characteristics of the various essay types.



The Assigned Nonfiction Reading


PART 3  MULTIPLE CHOICE                                                10 POINTS

                Match the essay with the essay type


PART 4  MATCHING                                                            10 POINTS

                Match the author with the essay that she/he composed.


PART 5  MATCHING                                                            10 POINTS

                Match the theme with the essay.


PART 6  MULTIPLE CHOICE                                                16 POINTS

                Be prepared to identify events from the selected reading.


PART 7  WRITTEN RESPONSE                                                24 POINTS

                You will be responsible for knowing the nonfiction terms, Bloom’s Taxonomy levels and the overview of the authors who composed the assigned essays.