Mid Year Exam Review (AE)


PART 1  VOCABULARY-   You will be responsible for knowing the following root words and their meanings.  You will be required to express your understanding of these root words through matching the definition with the root words along with analogies and word association.                                                                                                              20 POINTS

aud- to hear                                 simil- like, resembling
vis- to see                                      circum- around
cap- head                                      gress- step or degree
fic/fect- make                              sci- to know
con-with/together                      senescere- to grow old
mem- remember                        carn- flesh
inter- between/among              dict- say or speak
rect- right/straight                    doc- teach
pre- before                                   domin- master
cred- believe                                fort, forc- strong
homo- same                                 hetero- different
lut- wash                                       ante- before
ambi- both                                   se- apart
gen- race/kind                            culp- guilt
ten/tent- hold                             voc- call

The following link may help you in order to be better prepared for analogies on the vocabulary section of the mid year exam:  Analogy Practice

PART 2  GRAMMAR- You will be responsible for knowing the eight parts of speech and their sub-types, along with knowing the difference between various types of clauses and phrases.  You will also have to distinguish between the different sentence types.  This section of the exam will require you to demonstrate your knowledge through matching the term with the underlined word(s) in a sentence and/or multiple choice.           20 POINTS

noun                  pronoun                   adjective                  article                    verb
adverb               preposition              proper noun           conjunction          interjection

The two links below are ideal practice sites for the part of speech section on the mid-year exam:
Parts of Speech Practice #1
Parts of Speech Practice #2

SUBJECT-VERB AGREEMENT:   The subject/verb agreement rules will be provided for you for your use on the mid-year exam.  You will use the rules to complete the agreement section of the test.  

The two links below are ideal practice sites for the agreement section on the mid-year exam:

Agreement Practice #1
Agreement Practice #2

PART 3 ESSAY PARTS & TYPES- This section of the exam requires you to be able to distinguish between the different essay forms (expository, familiar, and true narrative) as well as the different parts of an essay commonly known as the Funnel Method.  This section will comprise of multiple choice questions                                        15 POINTS

introduction       thesis statement             body              topic sentence            opinion
support               clarify                                conclusive statement                       conclusion restate thesis     review main points         thematic statement

The following links provide you with the source of information for the ESSAY PARTS & TYPES section:    
Essay Classification & Analysis

Funnel Method                                                                 

 PART 4     SHORT STORY-  This section of the exam will represent the literature component of the curriculum by testing your understanding of the most recent assigned literature, the short story.  The short stories that you are responsible for are the stories that we recently have read; they can be located on this short story link.  The short story vocabulary terms that feature: character, plot, conflict, setting, theme, and symbolism, along with Freytag’s Pyramid are emphasized on this portion of the exam.

PART 5     ESSAY- You will be required to write a 5-paragraph expository essay based on the themes for the Group 1 Short Stories.                                                 15 POINTS