Junior Vocabulary 1 Review

Performance Indicators:

P.S. ELA-1 Language:   Demonstrate command of the conventions of Standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking.

A. Notice and correct grammatical and mechanical errors in writing.
B. Demonstrate command of correct sentence structure and variety.
C. Apply standard usage to formal speaking and writing.


abase-  (v)  degrade
abominate-  (v)  violently hate
abrade-  (v)  wear away by friction
actuate-  (v)  incite by action
agglomerate-  (v) heap together
bauble-  (n) trinket; something of trifling appeal









candor-  (n) frankness
decorous-  (adj) suitable
effulgence-  (n) splendor existence
frugal-  (adj) economical
fulminate-  (v) cause to explode; vehement protest                               










germane-  (adj) relevant
heptarchy-  (n) group of seven governments
imbroglio-  (n) misunderstanding attended by ill feelings
junta-  (n) a secret council
knavery-  (n) deceitfulness









laudation- (n) high praise
officious-  (adj) meddling in others’ affairs
posit-  (v) present in an orderly fashion
somnolent-  (adj) sleepy

Vocabulary 1 Quizlet

Use the definitions of the vocabulary words from above to complete the following analogies.

_____1.)  compliment  :  esteem ::  abase  :
A) like
B) degrade
C) position
D) estimate

_____2.)  compliment  :  insult  ::  abominate  :
A) hate
B) violent
C) passion
D) love

_____3.) grow  :  rise  ::  abrade  :
A) grind
B) promote
C) surface
D) part

_____4.)  boredom  :  lazy  ::  actuate  :
A) drowsy
B) action
C) consume
D) disease

_____5.)  strewn  :  spread  ::  agglomerate  :
A) independent
B) dependent
C) together
D) spread

_____6.)  January  :  April  ::  bauble  :
A) trinket
B) antique
C) exhibition
D) heat

_____7.)  heat  :  cold  ::  candor  :
A) frankness
B) outspoken
C) quality
D) reserve

_____8.) high  :  low  ::  decorous  :
A) unsuitable
B) suitable
C) lazy
D) energy

_____9.)  excite  :  dull  ::  effulgence  :
A) splendor
B) unappealing
C) create
D) destroy

_____10.)  rise  :  set  ::  frugal  :
A) economical
B) conserve
C) wasteful
D) retire

_____11.)  conceive  :  birth  ::  fulminate :
A) cause
B) rise
C) explode
D) destruction

_____12.) catch  :  irrelevant  ::  germane  :
A) release
B) relevant
C) inhumane
D) humane

_____13.) compose  :  make  ::  heptarchy  :
A) belief
B) opinion
C) rebel
D) alliance

_____14.) plant  :  flower  ::  imbroglio  :
A) alliance
B) misunderstanding
C) quarrel
D) deplete

_____15.) team  :  Red Sox  ::  junta  :
A) C.I.A.
B) government
C) withstand
D) liberate

_____16.) courage  :  spy  ::  knavery  :
A) coward
B) hero
C) Benedict Arnold
D) freedom

_____17.) attract  :  disgust  ::  laudation  :
A) encourage
B) dishonor
C) warn
D) reprimand

_____18.)  coquettish  :  flirt  ::  officious  :
A) private
B) public
C) cleanse
D) nosy

_____19.)  unorganized  :  fluid  ::  posit  :
A) solid
B) water
C) drink
D) rhythm

_____20.)  energy  :  dark  ::  somnolent  :
A) sky
B) earth
C) battery
D) light

You will have a vocabulary test next class.  The format of the vocabulary test appears on the following link if you prefer to be more familiar with the emphasis of the test.  The test is designed to emphasize usage in order that your recall of the words will be more than just a fleeing memory:  Sample Vocabulary Test