Junior Grammar Mastery Program

During the fourth quarter you will work to become masters of the grammar units which you have been responsible for this year.

The grammar mastery program is straightforward; the requirements which you are responsible for follows:

1.  Compile the notes for each of the grammar units and pass them in together.  The value of your combine notes will count as 5 homework grades.  You must have all of your notes in prior to taking a grammar mastery test.

2.  Take the grammar mastery test for each grammar unit and achieve an 85 or better score.  You may take a test whenever class time permits.  You may also take the unit tests in whatever order you prefer.  You must receive a mastery score of 85 or better in order to receive credit for taking the test.  You have options if you do not achieve the mastery score standard for a grammar unit.  You may invest more time either in the learning lab or under my supervision in order to acquire points that will count toward your mastery test score.  For every forty minutes that you spend on a grammar unit you will receive 15 points toward that mastery unit test score.  You gain points by learning more about the unit that you have not met the required standard for, this may include taking notes or completing the various practices associated with each grammar unit.  

3.  Once you have completed each of the grammar mastery tests according to the stated standard and you have submitted your notes for each unit you will have satisfactorily completed the grammar mastery program.  Do not procrastinate and leave this responsibility up to the final days of the quarter.  Managing your class time industriously will be necessary.

The Required Grammar Units (including notes and practice sites):

Parts of Speech  (Parts of Speech Notes)
Sentence Types
Subject/Verb Agreement
Parallel Structures