Junior English Mid year Exam Review

You will be allowed to use a 11″ by 9″ single-sided page of notes from the information below to use on your exam.  YOU ARE NOT PERMITTED TO USE ANY VOCABULARY NOTES FOR THE EXAM.


MATCHING     The vocabulary section will emphasize usage.  Through analogies and recognizing grammatically correct application in sentences you will express your knowledge of the following words and their definitions.                VALUE- 15 POINTS

Mid Year Exam Vocabulary Quizlet

Agglomerate- (v) to pile or heap together
Amorous- (adj) having a propensity for falling in love
Bauble- (n) trinket; ornament
Beset- (v) to attack on all sides
Brood- (v) to worry
Crass (adj) thick in nature
Effulgence- (n) splendor
Fallacious- (adj) illogical
Fulminate- (v) to cause to explode
Juxtapose- (v) to place close together
Lune- (n) the moon
Mendicant- (n) a beggar
Odium- (n) strong dislike
Onerous- (adj) burdensome or oppressive
Paucity- (n) fewness
Sluggard- (n) a habitually lazy person
Turgid- (adj) swollen
Wane- (v) to diminish in size and brilliancy
Winsome- (adj) attractive
Zephyr- (n) a soft gentle breeze



MATCHING      You will be required to express your knowledge of parts of speech by identifying the part of speech of the underline word in each sentence.  You should include the following parts of speech and their definitions in your notes.                                                                                                                                                                         VALUE- 10 POINTS

 Noun– a person, place, thing, or idea
Proper noun– a specific person, place, thing, or idea
Compound noun– two or more nouns forming one noun
Pronoun– a word that takes the place of a noun
Adjective– a word that modifies a noun or pronoun
Article– the most commonly used adjectives (a, an, the)
Adverb– a word that modifies an adjective, verb or another adverb
Preposition– a word that shows relationship to other words in a sentence
Conjunction– a word that unites other words, usually of common speech
Interjection– a word that expresses strong emotion

MULTIPLE CHOICE  You will be required to select the correct choice of verb to go along with subject expressed in sample sentences for the subject/verb agreement section.   You should include the following subject/verb agreement rules in your notes.                                                                                                                       VALUE- 10 POINTS

PART III  JOURNALISM– You will be responsible for applying the following Journalism Terms on this portion of the exam.  You should include the following journalism terms and their definitions in your notes.                                                                                                                           VALUE- 40 POINTS 


PART IV         EDITORIAL– You will be required to write an editorial according to a prompt related to a controversial issue.                                                 VALUE:  25 POINTS