Reading–  You are required to read 20 news stories from the on-line publication link.  After you have read the story you are to complete a 5W’s reading documentation sheet.  After you have handed in the twenty required sheets you will gain 1o points for each story that you read and document thereafter.  You may select to watch a news video in place of reading a news story.  You may use the option of watching a news report five times instead of reading a news story until you have reached the 20 required standard.  Editorials and Interviews count as news stories and depending on length they may count for more than one news story.  The reading requirement is valued as a performance grade.


A+:   20 articles with accompany documentation sheets
B:      16 articles with accompany documentation sheets
C:      14 articles with accompany documentation sheets
D:     12 articles with accompany documentation sheets
F:      10 articles with accompany documentation sheets

Writing–  You are required to write an original news story, an editorial and an interview.  The due dates for each of these assignments are indicated on the class syllabus.

Vocabulary–  You are required to know the journalism related vocabulary.  The vocabulary terms will be emphasized during our study of journalism and the terms will be featured on the final exam.  You are to use a magazine or newspaper publication and locate examples of the vocabulary terms within the publication.  The value of this assignment is a quiz grade.

Extra-  There are other extra assignments that can replace one or more of the written assignments.  These extra assignments must be related to journalism–the act of gathering news.  EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITIES

On-Line Publication

The 5 W’s:  Reading Documentation Sheet

Journalism Terms Defined