Freshmen Honors Final Exam Review

The outline that follows is designed to provide you with a consideration for the material covered and the value of each part on the final exam for the Freshmen Honors English course.

GRAMMAR                                                                                                              35 POINTS
Clauses & Phrases– You will be required to identify the selected grouping of words’ clause or phrase type.
Sentence Types– You will be required to determine what type of sentence is presented.
Agreement–  You will be required to recognize the correct verb form for presented subjects.

Note that Parts of Speech and Punctuation covered on the mid year exam will not be a focus of the grammar section on the final exam.


LITERARY DEVICES                                                                                 40 POINTS
You will be required to apply prose and poetry devices/terminology related to the assigned literature throughout the year.

LITERATURE/ESSAY                                                                                        25 POINTS
You will be required to compose one of the three types of instructed essays based on your consideration/response to the independent book that you read during the fourth quarter.   Your selected essay will be based on one of the following prompts.  Your understanding of the rhetorical devices will also be considered in your response.

  1. Compose an expository essay that uses Voltaire’s quote, Faith consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe, as the foundation for your thesis; rely on pathos as the essential rhetorical element and use evidence from your book to support your discussion.
  2. Compose a familiar essay conveying the major theme of your independent book with your composed anecdote; incorporate logos as the essential rhetorical element throughout your discussion.
  3. Compose a true narrative essay assuming the identity of one of the characters from your book.  Your narrative should compliment the mood and spirit of the story that you read as well as incorporate an ethos perspective throughout your discussion.