November 10 – Day 4

6 3/4
1.  Review “Illusion of Depth Checklist”
2.  Continue creating paper landscape layers, using checklist as a guide.
3.  Once ALL landscape layers are created, and your work meets the checklist requirements, then begin gluing down the sky and popping up all other layers.

1.  Last class to work on 1 Point Perspective final draft.
2.  Fill out rubric, PAPERCLIP to your drawing, turn both in.
3.  Skill Sheets for Quarter 2

1.  Drawing Technique #2:  Drawing from Observation – Still Life
This should be a slow, careful drawing that takes you the whole class.  If you rush through it, I will simply ask you to begin again.

1.  Drawing Technique #3:  2-Point Perspective – paper practice (must show at least 2 overlapping buildings, windows, doors, roads)

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