Multiplication Strategies

Many of the grades are multiplying and here is a visual from Math Coach’s Corner showing how to multiple using partial products and an area model.

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IXL at home

Just a reminder, you can use your IXL username and password at home.  Depending on how you access IXL, you may need to add @brunswick to the end of your username.

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Hour of Code

This week is the Hour of Code and our students are exploring how the steps or instructions we define in our code move figures around the game boards.  Access to this can be found under the Coding.

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Morning Math Club

Starting Tuesday, September 26, 2017, our Morning Math Club is available to students receiving support through the Math Intervention and Support team.  We will meet in the computer lab on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 7:45-8:25.  Come one day or all three!

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Place Value

Welcome back! In Math, many classes are starting their new school year learning about place value.  Here are some website you may find interesting.

Songs:   Place Value song    Rounding Number song      Zero my Hero song

Games.  Place Value Hockey     Rounding Soccer         Matching Game      

A book.  How much is a million?

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