2019-2020 Morning Math Lab – new days

The Morning Math Lab will start up on Monday, September 23 at 7:45 for Grade 3-5 students who receive math support.   The lab will be open on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.  Remember when the snow starts to fly, there is NO Morning Math Lab on delayed start days. 

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This video by Graham Fletcher talks about the progression of division.  This is interesting not only for students but for parents who only know the standard algorithm strategy.  

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Polyup and Sumdog

I’ve added two new websites to the online websites.  On both sites, you may sign in as a guest.

The first one is Polyup.com which was designed to “learn creative problem solving and computational thinking” (as per Jo Boaler, Stanford Graduate School of Education).  Jo Boaler also has a website called youcubed which is worth exploring.

The second is sumdog.com  which has been recommended by one of our 3rd grade students who said there is a lot of math and games at the same time.  

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Hour of Code

For the past 3 years, we have joined in on the Hour of Code.  The students love learning about computer programming especially when then are making the Star Wars and Minecraft characters move across their screens.  Some may ask, how this is math related… patterns, logic, and lots of problem solving.  The sessions have great explanations about computer programming and walk the students through a series of lessons.  If you want to try it out.  Hover over the Coding in the menu and select Hour of Code.  There are a variety of coding options. I suggest starting with the Minecraft or Star Wars that include the explanations and lessons. Enjoy and have fun!

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New Place Value Jeopardy link

I’ve place a new link under Number Sense.  This Jeopardy game can be played by one person or a class.  Try this Jeopardy Link.

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Multiplication Strategies

Many of the grades are multiplying and here is a visual from Math Coach’s Corner showing how to multiple using partial products and an area model.

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Place Value

Welcome back! In Math, many classes are starting their new school year learning about place value.  Here are some website you may find interesting.

Songs:   Place Value song    Rounding Number song      Zero my Hero song

Games.  Place Value Hockey     Rounding Soccer         Matching Game      

A book.  How much is a million?

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