Grade 4

HBS uses the text Math in Focus as a resource.  Clicking on IXL skills will bring you to a list of skills for that chapter.

Chapter 1: Place Value of Whole Number 

  •  IXL Skills 
  • Vocabulary: word form, expanded form, standard form

Chapter 2: Estimation and Number Theory  

  • IXL Skills
  • Vocabulary: factor, greatest common factor, multiple, least common multiple

Chapter 3: Whole Number Multiplication and Division 

Chapter 4: Tables and Graphs

Chapter 5: Data and Probability

  • IXL Skills
  • Vocabulary: average/mean, median, mode, range, outcome, outlier, probability, certain, more likely, less likely, equally likely, impossible, favorable outcome

Chapter 6: Fractions and Mixed Numbers 

  • IXL Skills
  • Vocabulary: numerator, denominator, equivalent fractions, unlike fractions, mixed number, simplest form, improper fractions

Chapter 7: Decimals

Chapter 8: Adding and Subtracting Decimals

Chapter 9: Angles

  • IXL Skills
  • Vocabulary: ray, vertex, protractor, degree, inner scale, outer scale, acute angle, obtuse angle, straight angle
  • Video: Measuring angles (LearnZillion)

Chapter 10: Perpendicular and Parallel Lines

  • IXL Skills
  • Vocabulary: perpendicular, parallel, horizontal, vertical, base

Chapter 11: Squares and Rectangles

  • IXL Skills
  • Vocabulary: square, rectangle, right angle, parallel

Chapter 12: Measurement

Chapter 13: Area and Perimeter

  • IXL Skills
  • Vocabulary: length, width, composite figures

Chapter 14: Symmetry

  • IXL Skills
  • Vocabulary: symmetry, lines of symmetry, rotation, rotational symmetry, symmetric shapes

Chapter 15: Tessellations