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Fact Practice

Give your flash cards a rest and practice facts with math card games instead. Simply lay down two cards from the deck (remove the face cards first) and add, subtract, or multiply them. Kids can work on this alone, or … Continue reading

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Card Games to Practice Facts

A variation of the game “Go Fish” is asking for the number that will make a combination of 10 instead of asking for a duplicate number.  For example, if you hold a 7 in your hand, you need to ask … Continue reading

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I Spy Sums

How to Play: Shuffle the deck and deal out the entire deck of cards face up in a 13×4 array. One player begins by looking for two cards and adding up their points to find the sum, and WITHOUT pointing … Continue reading

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Place Value

Welcome back! In Math, many classes are starting their new school year learning about place value.  Here are some website you may find interesting. Songs:   Place Value song    Rounding Number song      Zero my Hero song Games.  Place Value … Continue reading

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