I Spy Sums

How to Play: Shuffle the deck and deal out the entire deck of cards face up
in a 13×4 array.

  • One player begins by looking for two cards and adding up their points to
    find the sum, and WITHOUT pointing the cards out, says, “I spy with my
    little eye two cards with a sum of ____.”
  • Beginning with the player to left of the “I spy” person, the other players
    take turns looking for two cards that add up to make the sum and then
    pick up that pair. Rotate around the circle as many times as possible until
    no more pairs of cards have that sum.
  • The “I spy” person does not pick up any cards during this time – he/she needs to check all of the pairs that the other players are picking up.
  • Players swap roles and continue until the table is cleared.
  • The winner is the player with the most cards at the end of the game.
    As large gaps appear, the size of the array may be condensed to help fill in
    the gaps.
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