Grade 3

HBS uses the text Math in Focus as a resource.  The list below is the typical flow of units.  Clicking on IXL skills will bring you to a list of skills for that chapter. Watching the videos provides an opportunity to learn the concept before beginning the IXL practice.  
Note: The LearnZillion videos will require creating a free account.

CHAPTER 1: Numbers to 10,000 

CHAPTER 2: Mental Math and Estimation 

CHAPTER 3: Addition up to 10,000 

CHAPTER 4: Subtraction up to 10,000  

CHAPTER 16: Time and Temperature 

CHAPTER 11: Metric Measurement-Length, Mass, and Volume 

CHAPTER 12: Real World Problems with Measurement 


CHAPTER 6: Multiplication (Tables 6, 7, 8, & 9)

CHAPTER 7: Multiplication (Up to 3 digit by 1 digit) 

CHAPTER 8: Division 

CHAPTER 13: Bar Graphs and Line Plots 

CHAPTER 17: Angles and Lines 

CHAPTER 18: Two-Dimensional Shapes 


CHAPTER 10: Money 

CHAPTER 14: Fractions 

CHAPTER 15: Customary Measurement-Length, Mass, and Volume 

CHAPTER 19: Area and Perimeter 

CHAPTER 5: Using a Bar Model-Addition and Subtraction 

CHAPTER 9: Using a Bar Model: Multiplication and Division