Fraction Game: My Closest Neighbor

Players: two to four.

Equipment: two players need one deck of playing cards, three or four players need a double deck.

How to Play

three-eighths-of-clubsRemove the jokers from your deck of playing cards. Each number card will represent its face value, aces count as one, and face cards as twelve.

Deal five cards to each player. Set the remainder of the deck face down in the middle of the table as a draw pile.

You will play four (or more) rounds:

  • Closest to zero
  • Closest to one
  • Closest to 1/2
  • Closest to two
  • Closest to 3/4 (optional)
  • Closest to 1/3 (optional)

In each round, players choose two cards from their hand to make a fraction that is as close as possible (but not equal) to the target number. Draw two cards to replenish your hand.

The player whose fraction is closest to the target collects all the cards played in that round. If there is a tie for closest fraction, the winners split the cards as evenly as they can, leaving any remaining cards on the table as a bonus for the winner of the next round.

After the last round, whoever has collected the most cards wins the game.

From: Denise Gaskin

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