Geometry Quest

Make a graph showing the results of your Geometry Quest.

  • Grade 2:  How many different circles, squares, rectangles, triangles, hexagon, trapezoid are in a room of your home? Can you make a picture graph and to show what you found?  
  • Grade 3: Search for quadrilaterals (rhombus, parallelograms, squares, rectangles, trapezoids), pentagons and octagons.  Make a Bar Graph or Line Plot with names on the vertical and horizontal axis.
  • Grade 4:  Search for parallel and perpendicular lines, acute, obtuse and right angles.  Make a tables with the results.  Is there one room that has more items than another room?  Can you show this on a line graph?
  • Grade 5: Search for 3-D shapes (cylinder, sphere, cone, pyramids, prisms).  Make a line plot or bar graph with your information.  Make some word problems to go along with your graph.
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Playing Games

So many games have math built into the play… what a fun way to practice math skills!  Do you have a favorite game and does it have a math component?

  • Monopoly and Life – Adding and subtracting money
  • Yahtzee, Rummy, Cribbage,  and Hearts – Adding and multiplying score
  • Battleship – working with a coordinate grid
  • War – comparing – less than/greater than
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Target Number card game

This looks like a fun card game from Shelley Gray called Target Number. Click on target number link for directions.  Quick synopsis, you flip a card that is the target number and then deal out 3 cards to each person.  With your 3 cards you add, multiply, subtract and/or divide to reach the target number.  

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Extended Learning

For our math support students, we suggest 20 minutes a day on IXL.  Students on our roster will already have skills highlighted and there is a wide choice.  Remember, if you miss an answer – read the explanation and you may learn something so the same mistake is not made again. I’ve already seen some of you have been  on IXL – keep it up! If  you have questions, you can email me. – Mrs. Clark

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Check out videos under grade levels

With the chance to learn at home, I have added some instructional videos from Khan Academy and LearnZillion under the grade level tabs to go along with this months math units. 

I would watch the videos and then practice on IXL. The grade levels have suggested IXL items by chapter.  For Math Support students, you will find skills highlighted since you are on my roster.  Email me with questions.  You have the resources available to take charge of your learning,  it is amazing what is available at our fingertips.  Explore and have fun!  

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No Morning Math Lab on Thursday Feb 27

Enjoy sleeping in and we will see you on Monday!

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Card Games to Practice Facts

A variation of the game “Go Fish” is asking for the number that will make a combination of 10 instead of asking for a duplicate number.  For example, if you hold a 7 in your hand, you need to ask for a 3 because 7 + 3 = 10.  This game has students quickly recognizing the combinations and builds their number flexibility. 

Here is a site with a number of other quick card games to help with fluency from Math Geek Mama. Practice facts can be fun and I hope you share your favorite one.  20 Best Card Games

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Division Box Method

Do you lose your place when using the standard long division algorithm?  These videos on the Grid Method or Box Method  use many of the same steps as the standard algorithm but with a different method of organization.  This process has one looking at the individual place values and determining how many groups can be taken out of that amount and regrouping any leftover amounts.  Try it out!

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Math Before Bed

Many of us read each night before bed, it is a great way to end the day.  I recently heard about Math Before Bed and Bedtime Math App providing additional opportunities to read with your child, discuss ideas while exploring math.  The stories are interesting and as one report said, “A little math can go a long way.”  Have fun exploring!

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Normalizing the Productive Struggle.

This is a great article and Ted Talk about enriching a math experience.

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