Division 1 Racing [Printable Math Game]

 From: Deceptively Educational 

  • 10 small toy cars
  • Division 1 Racing track (Download it here; cut and tape together.)
  • Division 1 Racing playing cards (Download it here; this 13-page PDF has 100 division problems. Print and cut the cards apart.)
  • Division tables (for when kids get stumped; we used the one here)

How to Play

  • For multiple players, decide who’s racing what cars in which lanes. 
  • We took turns drawing a card, answering the problem and moving the car that was in the same numbered lane as the answer. 
  • The object was to answer the problems correctly and watch to see which car would cross the finish line first.
  • This game could easily be played with multiple players – as many as 10 or more if they were solving problems as teams. If your child is playing alone, consider making the track shorter to keep them from getting fatigued and frustrated before the race is won.
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