Vocabulary 7 Review

Vocabulary Terms:

1.  Adjudicate (V) – to reach an official decision on a problem or dispute
Jud– Judge
2.  Amiable (Adj) Friendly and pleasant to be with
Ami– Love

3.  Amorphous (Adj)- without any clear shape, form, or structure
Morph– Form, structure
4.  Androgynous (Adj) Neither male nor female in appearance
Gyn– Woman
5.  Aqueduct (N)- a pipe or channel used for moving water
Aqua– water
6. Bigamy (N)- the crime of marrying somebody while being legally married to someone
Gam– Marriage
7.  Belligerent (Adj) warlike; ready to start a fight
Bell– War


8.  Incognito (Adj/Adv) with a hidden identity or disguise
Cogn-To know
9.  Pacify (V) to bring peace
Pac– Peace
10. Patricide (N)- the murder of a father by his own child
Pater– father


Vocabulary 7 Quizlet