Vocabulary 6 Review

Performance Indicators:

P.S. ELA-1 Language:   Demonstrate command of the conventions of Standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking.

A. Notice and correct grammatical and mechanical errors in writing.
B. Demonstrate command of correct sentence structure and variety.
C. Apply standard usage to formal speaking and writing.

Anomaly- (N) something that deviates from the norm
Blithe- (Adj) happy, cheerful, and carefree
Capricious- (Adj) tending to make sudden unexpected changes
Diffident- (Adj) lacking self-confidence and rather shy
Effigy- (N) a dummy representing somebody disliked or despised
Ethereal- (Adj) belonging to the sky or the celestial sphere
Factitious- (Adj) contrived and insincere rather than genuine
Garret- (N) a room at the top of a house, immediately below the roof
Impalpable- (Adj) not capable of being perceived by the senses
Incipient- (Adj) beginning to appear or develop
Magnanimous- (Adj) very generous, kind, or forgiving
Manifold- (Adj) having many parts, forms, or applications
Opiate- (Adj)  mind-numbingly unexciting, especially because of being simplistic or cliché-ridden
Penurious- (Adj) having very little money
Peremptory- (Adj) expecting to be obeyed; unwilling to tolerate disobedience
Platitude- (N) a pointless, unoriginal, or empty comment or statement made as though it was significant or helpful
Quaff- (V) to drink something in large gulps or with great enjoyment
Rancor- (N) a bitter, deeply held, and long-lasting ill will or resentment
Ruminate- (V) to think carefully and at length about something
Solicitude- (N) concern and consideration shown for somebody or something
Specious- (Adj) appearing to be true but really false
Transitory- (Adj) not permanent or lasting
Travail- (N) work that involves hard physical effort over a long period
Unction- (N)  an oil, ointment, or salve used in religious rites or medical treatment
Wassail- (N) a salutation or drinking toast made during festivities

Vocabulary 6 Quizlet

Place the letter assigned to each vocabulary word in the provided space in order to complete each of the following sentences.  A selection may only be used once.

A. Anomaly              B. Wassail         C. Blithe                    D.Penurious             E.Capricious
F. Peremptory         G. Diffident       H. Platitude               I. Effigy                     J. Quaff
K. Ethereal               L. Rancor          M. Factitious            N. Ruminate             O. Garret
P. Solicitude            Q. Specious        R. Impalpable          S. Incipient               T. Transitory
U. Magnanimous    V. Travail          W. Manifold              X. Unction                 Y. Opiate

1.  Chris sleeps in a _?_ locked-up from his family.
2.  The _?_ that Tiffany feels towards me because I did not read her essay will follow me to my retirement.
3.  Sure Lily got all the answers wrong, but that is an _?_; she usually earns the best grade.
4.  After graduating from college Jacob will be _?_, indebted to the bank.
5.  After her _?_ Kristen was exhausted!
6. The angry crowd carried an _?_ of Molly through the streets of Brunswick.
7. Nobody finds Zachary interesting due to his _?_ nature.
8.  People enjoy Suzannah because she is always so _?_; she makes everyone happy.
9.  Brendan raised hid glass and made a _?_ to Charlie and Lauren when they were married.
10. Brendan, your _?_s are not helping anyone!
11. “Jason you are so shy!” is likely a _?_ statement.
12. “Have you seen the snow outside? The world is certainly not experiencing global warning,  is a _?_ comment,” Willa ridiculed.
13. Patrick hopes that I am _?_ when I learn that he stole my car and wrecked it.
14. Ryan _?_ed the champagne from the Stanley Cup.
15. Apparently I frustrate my students when I make _?_ decisions.
16. No Erin, that _?_ is for the baptism not for you to rub on your dry skin.
17. Sam’s _?_ snow sculpture was difficult to determine because he just began developing the icy object.
18. Laura will not be married for long if she insists on being so _?_.
19. Jessica’s _?_ for others is to be commended and admired.
20. “Don’t get so excited about the warmth, it is only _?_,” Katie declared.
21. Caroline must be an angel; she has such an _?_ nature.
22. Lauren and Charlie will carefully  _?_ before they agree to get a divorce.
23. The lessons on grammar are _?_ which is why they are often complicated.
24. Many young people are _?_ which is why they are often insecure.
25. The _?_ pregnancy will not be a secret for long.


1.  garret
2.  rancor
3.  anomaly
4.  penurious
5.  travail
6.  effigy
7.  opiate
8.  blithe
9.  wassail
10. platitude
11. factitious
12. specious
13. magnanimous
14. quaff
15. capricious
16. unction
17. impalpable
18. peremptory
19. solicitude
20. transitory
21. ethereal
22. ruminate
23. manifold
24. diffident
25. incipient