Vocabulary 4 Review

Performance Indicator:

 Language:   Demonstrate command of the conventions of Standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking.

Aesthetic – (adj) characterized by a love of beauty; pleasing in appearance
Benign- (adj) showing kindness
Cognizant – (adj) fully informed; knowledgeable
Credence- (n) mental belief as true or real
Forte- (n) a person’s strong point
Fulminate- (v) cause to explode

Gothic- (adj) barbarous or crude; of or resembling the Goths

Hubris- (n) exaggerated or excessive pride; arrogance
Impinge- (v) Have an effect or impact; to make an impression by force
Incubus- (n) a nightmare; an imaginary demon

Inveigle- (v) to obtain by flattery or trickery
Licentious- (adj) disregard for rules or standards
Matrix- (n) an arrangement of parts in order to show how they are connected
Narcissism- (n) excessive fascination or love for oneself
Nepotism- (n) favoritism shown on the basis of relation or family
Obloquy- (n) offensive or abusive language aimed at a person or thing
Obsequious- (adj) obedient; dutiful

Pallid- (adj) lacking in color or interest
Peruse- (v) to study; examine with attention to detail
Plausible- (adj) having the appearance of truth
Purge-(v) to rid of; clear of guilt
Refractory- (adj) stubbornly disobedient; resisting authority
Repartee- (n) a quick witty reply
Sycophant- (n) a self-seeking servile flatterer

Tautology- (n) needless repetition of an idea

Vocabulary 4 Quizlet

Use the definitions from above to complete the sentences below.  Determine how well you do prior to checking the answers which follow the sentences.

1.  The _?_ boy was rewarded for doing all of his chores.   
2.  The _?_ woman cooked the hungry traveler a fine meal with her remaining food.
3.  I woke up fearing that a/an _?_ was sucking my soul out of my body!
4.  Quigley always likes to hear his name associated with your accomplishments; he is a _?_, that’s why he compliments you so often.
5.  Those boys’ _?_ conduct will eventually get them into trouble.
6. Ellen is too headstrong, she is always being grounded due to her _?_ pride.
7.  Your room displays a genuinely _?_ appreciation for arrangement and art.
8.  For years England suffered from the struggle between brutal and _?_ civilizations waging war on each other.
9.  Time and time again you have made your point, but your _?_ is unnecessary.
10. Oh my, Zelma’s _?_ is so evident by the way she constantly looks approvingly in the mirror.
11. I examined the _?_ before I attempted to put the watch back together again.
12. Some people attend confession to _?_ their soul.
13. The _?_ professor held her class’ attention throughout the entire lecture.
14. There was no need for the _?_ that their fans used to harass the visiting team.
15. The dashing young man _?_d the secret from the young misled girl.
16. The earnest child’s denial of stealing the necklace is _?_.
17.  I can’t believe that wild tale; it has absolutely no _?_.
18. You may be strong Joe, but Lilly’s _?_ is her intelligence; you don’t stand a chance.
19.  Comedians often can not tolerate _?_s from the audience.
20. I overlooked the _?_ object in my search.
21. I understand that your point is important, but you did not have to _?_ it upon that boy.
22. When you shook that bottle of soda Kyle you caused it to _?_ all over your cousin.
23. You should _?_ your vocabulary terms prior to the test.
24.  Satisfaction in your effort is one thing, but your demonstrated _?_ is offensive.
25. The only reason Craig is starting over Tyler is because of _?_; Craig’s father is dating the coach.

Answers for the Vocabulary 4 review:

1.  obsequious
2.  benign
3.  incubus
4.  sycophant
5.  licentious
6.  refractory
7.  aesthetic
8.  Gothic
9.  tautology
10. narcissism
11. matrix
12. purge
13. cognizant
14. obloquy
15. inveigle
16. plausible
17. credence
18. forte
19. repartee
20. pallid
21. impinge
22. fulminate
23. peruse
24. hubris
25. nepotism