Vocabulary 3 Review


Freshmen English
Vocabulary 3 Review

The following definitions, root meanings and parts-of-speech will be represented on the vocabulary 3 test.  Use the terms to complete the true narrative below.  A selection will only be used once.

Vocabulary 3 Quizlet

carnal- (adj) relating to someone’s physical needs                     carn-flesh
credo- (n) a statement of your beliefs                                            cred- believe
benediction- (n) a prayer asking for God’s blessing                    dict- say or speak
dogma-(n) a set of beliefs                                                                 doc- teach
dominion- (n) somebody’s area of influence                                domin- master
evanescent- (adj) disappearing only after a short time              sensecere-to grow old
and soon forgotten
fortitude- (n) a brave and determined attitude                            fort, forc- strong
heterodox- (adj) disagreeing with established opinions             hetero- different
homonym- (n) a word with the same spelling or sound              homo- same
ablution- (n) the act of washing the hands or whole body          lut- wash


The Derelict 


“That’s the most terrible thing I’ve ever heard someone express Raymond Ringdon, you better say a _?_ or something, asking God for his forgiveness or you’re going to—“

“Relax Geraldine, you’re such a priss.  I’m just having some fun with the little guy.”

“You call that fun?  He’s scared to death of you and your _2._ about the devil and all those evil thoughts you have.”

“I know, you’d rather hear me talk about my _3._ pleasures involving you and me and.”

“Ray, I ’m going to need an _4._ to purify my soul if I ever go out with you.  You’re just one dirty-minded guy.  You better leave!”

“You high-and-mighty girls with your _5._, thinking that you can persuade guys like me to be goody-good little wimps, just like that little turd hiding behind you.  Guys like me, we invented our own code by going against authority.  Our _6._ ways will rule one day just you wait and see.”

“Whatever Ray, get lost. I’m tired of your _7._ that being a rebel is cool; it’s such an old unoriginal act.”

“Oh, you’ll come crawling to me eventually, that’s what girls always do“

“She said leave Ray!” the little boy shouted stepping out from behind his babysitter gaining all the _8._ that accompanies someone trying to protect the honor of another.”

“You little shrimp, shut your mouth before I  b-r-a-k-e your neck,” Ray threatened.

The child laughed at Ray’s ignorance.  “Actually that’s a _9_ for what you really mean Ray,” the youngster replied with a smirk on his face.

“You calling me a homowhat?  I’ll show you.”  Raymond grabbed and picked up the small child. He carried him off down to the pond at the base of the property with Geraldine yelling and grabbing Ray the whole way.  The strong athletic teenage boy easily pulled away from her with the squirming child helpless in his arms.

“Let him go you idiot.”

Ray reached the pond where his buddy was waiting for him. “ Quick Glenn, grab that big old bull frog and bring it to me.”  In only a moment Glenn handed the frog to Ray who stuffed the amphibian under the shirt of the hysterical child.  Ray raised his hand as Geraldine was shrieking.  Glenn held her back  Ray’s powerful hand smacked the frog underneath the child’s t-shirt splattering the dead amphibian over the boy’s small back.  Glenn shoved Geraldine to the ground and the two boys walked off lighting a cigarette, a reflex to go along with whatever  _10_ guilt a more decent person would feel if time and decency could otherwise encourage.




41.                                      42.                                        43.


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