Vocabulary 3

Performance Indicators:

P.S. ELA-1 Language:   Demonstrate command of the conventions of Standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking.

A. Notice and correct grammatical and mechanical errors in writing.
B. Demonstrate command of correct sentence structure and variety.
C. Apply standard usage to formal speaking and writing.


Define each of the terms, their part of speech and use each vocabulary word in an original sentence.

1.  Abjure
2.  Crass
3.  Egress
4.  Fallacious
5.  Horde
6.  Lune
7.  Mobocracy
8.  Odium
9.  Paucity
10. Repine
11. Sluggard
12. Variegate
13. Virago
14. Vogue
15. Weal
16. Winsome
17. Wizen
18. Wrest
19. Wry
20. Zealot