To Kill a Mockingbird Web Search

Use the link about Harper Lee’s biography in order to answer the first four questions.

Harper Lee biography

1.  Provide three interesting facts about Harper Lee’s life.
2.  Describe Harper Lee’s relationship with Truman Capote.
3.  According to the article describe how the novel To Kill a Mockingbird came to be written.
4.  How does the writer write about what she knows?

Listen to the interview with actress Catherine Keener who portrayed Harper Lee in the celebrated movie Capote in order to address the remaining questions.

Catherine Keener on Harper Lee

5.  What insight do you gain about Harper Lee’s life from  Catherine Keener’s interview?  6.  How is Keener associated with Harper Lee?
7.  Why do you suspect that Harper Lee never wrote another novel after To Kill a Mockingbird?

Harper Lee Essay