To Kill a Mockingbird Audiobook

 The questions provide you with a focus for what will be emphasized on quizzes and the culminating exam.  You will not be required to submit the responses to these questions, rather you should decide what means of review works best for your learning need.  Consider the following overview as you read:  To Kill a Mockingbird is a novel that is not limited to its dramatic indictment against racial intolerance.  The literary classic is a moving and compassionate story of the very young who must somehow grow up in an imperfect society.  In this respect Scout Finch, the young narrator of the novel, cannot fully understand the crisis of conscience that confronts the town of Maycomb where she lives.

Chapter 1
1.  Who is Simon Finch
2.  How old was Scout when her mother died?
3.  Who is Charles Baker Harris?
4.  What is wrong with the Radley pecans?
5.  How did Boo Radley get into trouble with the law?
Chapter 2
1.  Who is Miss Caroline Fisher?
2.  Why did Scout get into trouble with Miss Fisher?
3.  Who is Calpurnia?
4.  Who is Walter Cunningham?
Chapter 3
1.  What is Old Sarum?
2.  Why was Miss Fisher terrified when she saw Burris Ewell?
3.  How did Atticus convince Scout that she must remain in school?
Chapter 4
1.  What did Scout discover in the tree in front of the Radley house?
2.  What is hot steam?
3.  Who is Miss Stephanie Crawford?
4.  What did Scout hear when she fell out of the tire?
Chapter 5
1.  Who is Miss Maudie Atkinson?
2.  What does Miss Maudie inform Scout about Boo Radley?
3.  Why does Jem and Dill want to give Boo a note?
Chapter 6
1.  Who is Mr. Avery?
2.  What unusual event occurred on Dill’s last night in Maycomb?
3.  How did Jem lose his pants?
4.  When Jem went to retrieve his pants how did he discover them?
Chapter 7
1.  What are three items that Jem and Scout discover in the tree?
2.  Who filled the knot hole in the tree with cement?
3.  What was the reason given for filling the knot hole?
 Chapter 8
1.  Why was school canceled?
2.  Who did the snowman resemble at first?
3.  whose house caught on fire?
4.  Who placed a blanket around Scout during the fire?
Chapter 9
1.  What did Cecil Jacobs tell Scout?
2.  Who is Atticus defending?
3.  Why are the people in Maycomb angry with Atticus?
4.  Who is Aunt Alexandra?
5.  Who is Francis?
6.  Why did Scout get spanked by Uncle jack?
Chapter 10
1.  According to the story why is it wrong to shoot a mockingbird?
2.  Why were Jem and Scout ashamed of Atticus?
3.  Who is Tim Johnson?
4.  Who is Heck Tate?
5.  Who shot Tim Johnson?
Chapter 11
1.  Who is Mrs. Henry Lafayetter Dubose?
2.  Why did Jem cut the tops off from Mrs. Dubose’s camellia bushes?
3.  Why did Atticus make Jem read to Mrs. DuBose?
4.  How did Mrs. Dubose win?

Chapter 12
1.  Where did Scout and Jem go with Calpurnia?
2.  Why was Lula angry with Calpurnia?
3.  Why did Calpurnia speak differently at the church?
4.  Who was waiting on the porch when the children arrived home from the church?
Chapter 13
1.  Who is Sinkfield?
2.  How did Aunt Alexadra classify any person from Maycomb?
3.  Who is Cousin Joshua?
4.  Why did Scout begin to cry in front of Atticus?
Chapter 14
1.  What did Scout think was under her bed?
2.  What did Dill explain as the reason to why he ran away?
3.  Where did Dill hear he could get babies?
4.  Why did Dill reckon Boo Radley’s never run off?
Chapter 15
1.  Why did Mr. Link Deas and the others visit Atticus?
2.  Who is Mr. Underwood?
3.  Where did Atticus take the car?
4.  How did Scout get Atticus out of a tight situation?
5.  Who had Atticus covered all along?

Chapter 16
1.  Who is Mr. X Billup?
2.  How does Mr. Underwood feel about negroes?
Chapter 17
1.  According to Jem, why are mix children real sad?
2.  Who is Mr. Gilmer?
3.  Who is Robert E. Lee Ewell?
Chapter 18
1.  Who is Mayella Violet Ewell?
2.  What is a chifforobe?
3.  Why did Mayella fear Atticus?
Chapter 19
1.  What is Tom’s physical impairment?
2.  Did Mr. Gilmer fairly prosecute the case?
3.  Why is judge Taylor a  heroic figure?
4.  How did Tom’s version of what happened differ from Mayella’s version?
Chapter 20

1.  What year did the trial take place?
2.  Who is Mr. Dolphus Raymond?
3.  Why does Mr. Raymond pretend to be the town drunk?
Chapter 21
1.  Who interrupted the trial and why?
2.  How did Scout first realize that the jury had convicted Tom?
Chapter 22
1  How did Jem react to the jury’s decision?
2  How did the population of blacks attending the trial react to Atticus?
3. How did Bob Ewell react towards Atticus?
Chapter 23
1.  What is the most sickening thing to Atticus?
2.  Why does Jem believe that Boo Radley wants to remain inside his house?
Chapter 24
1.  Why did Miss Maudie hold Scout’s hand?
2.  Who are the Mrunas?
3.  Who is J. Grimes Everett
4.  Who is Mrs. Grace Merriweather?
5.  What is the missionary society?
6.  Who was shot with seventeen bullet holes?
7.  How did Aunty act like a lady in Scout’s eyes?
Chapter 25
1.  Where did Jem and Dill go with Atticus?
Chapter 26
1.  What is the Grit paper?
2.  How is Miss Gates an example of hypocrisy?
Chapter 27
1.  Who are Misses Tutti and Frutti Barber?
2.  What did Aunt Alexandra mean when she expressed, Somebody just walked over my grave?
3.  Why was Scout dressed up like a pork?
Chapter 28
1.  Who scared Scout on the way to school?
2.  What happened to Scout during the pageant?
3.  Why did Jem and Scout have to turn back to the school?
4.  What happened on the way home from the pageant?  (this is the climax folks)
Chapter 29
1.  What happened to Bob Ewell?
2.  Who was standing in the corner of Jem’s room?
Chapter 30
1.  Why did Heck Tate want to Let the dead bury the dead?
2.  What did Scout believe would be like shooting a mockingbird?
3.  What did Atticus thank Boo Radley for?
Chapter 31
1.  What did Scout see from Boo Radley’s porch?
2.  What is the significance of The Grey Ghost?