To Kill a Mockingbird Chapters 6-10

You are required to answer the study guide questions that follow.  The questions are provided for you in order to assist you, if needed, in preparation for related reading quizzes or exams.  You will not be allowed to use notes on these assessments.

Chapter 6
1.  Who is Mr. Avery?
2.  What unusual event occurred on Dill’s last night in Maycomb?
3.  How did Jem lose his pants?
4.  When Jem went to retrieve his pants how did he discover them?
Chapter 7
1.  What are three items that Jem and Scout discover in the tree?
2.  Who filled the knothole in the tree with cement?
3.  What was the reason given for filling the knothole?
Chapter 8
1.  Why was school canceled?
2.  Who did the snowman resemble at first?
3.  whose house caught on fire?
4.  Who placed a blanket around Scout during the fire?
Chapter 9
1.  What did Cecil Jacobs tell Scout?
2.  Who is Atticus defending?
3.  Why are the people in Maycomb angry with Atticus?
4.  Who is Aunt Alexandra?
5.  Who is Francis?
6.  Why did Scout get spanked by Uncle Jack?
Chapter 10
1.  According to the story why is it wrong to shoot a mockingbird?
2.  Why were Jem and Scout ashamed of Atticus?
3.  Who is Tim Johnson?
4.  Who is Heck Tate?
5.  Who shot Tim Johnson?

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