To Kill A Mockingbird Chapters 21-28 Review

You are required to answer the study guide questions that follow.  The questions are provided for you in order to assist you, if needed, in preparation for related reading quizzes or exams.  You will not be allowed to use notes on these assessments.

Chapter 21
1.  Who interrupted the trial and why?
2.  How did Scout first realize that the jury had convicted Tom?
Chapter 22
1  How did Jem react to the jury’s decision?
2  How did the population of blacks attending the trial react to Atticus?
3. How did Bob Ewell react towards Atticus?
Chapter 23
1.  What is the most sickening thing to Atticus?
2.  Why does Jem believe that Boo Radley wants to remain inside his house?
Chapter 24
1.  Why did Miss Maudie hold Scout’s hand?
2.  Who are the Mrunas?
3.  Who is J. Grimes Everett
4.  Who is Mrs. Grace Merriweather?
5.  What is the missionary society?
6.  Who was shot with seventeen bullet holes?
7.  How did Aunty act like a lady in Scout’s eyes?
Chapter 25
1.  Where did Jem and Dill go with Atticus?
Chapter 26
1.  What is the Grit paper?
2.  How is Miss Gates an example of hypocrisy?
Chapter 27
1.  Who are Misses Tutti and Frutti Barber?
2.  What did Aunt Alexandra mean when she expressed, Somebody just walked over my grave?
3.  Why was Scout dressed up like a pork?
Chapter 28
1.  Who scared Scout on the way to school?
2.  What happened to Scout during the pageant?
3.  Why did Jem and Scout have to turn back to the school?
4.  What happened on the way home from the pageant?