To Kill a Mockingbird Chapters 1-5

To Kill A Mockingbird online novel

The study guide questions will be handed in upon completion of the novel.  The questions are instrumental in order to guide you on the information emphasized on the reading assessments. 


Chapter 1
1.  Who is Simon Finch
2.  How old was Scout when her mother died?
3.  Who is Charles Baker Harris?
4.  What is wrong with the Radley pecans?
5.  How did Boo Radley get into trouble with the law?
Chapter 2
1.  Who is Miss Caroline Fisher?
2.  Why did Scout get into trouble with Miss Fisher?
3.  Who is Calpurnia?
4.  Who is Walter Cunningham?
Chapter 3
1.  What is Old Sarum?
2.  Why was Miss Fisher terrified when she saw Burris Ewell?
3.  How did Atticus convince Scout that she must remain in school?
Chapter 4
1.  What did Scout discover in the tree in front of the Radley house?
2.  What is hot steam?
3.  Who is Miss Stephanie Crawford?
4.  What did Scout hear when she fell out of the tire?
Chapter 5
1.  Who is Miss Maudie Atkinson?
2.  What does Miss Maudie inform Scout about Boo Radley?
3.  Why does Jem and Dill want to give Boo a note?