THE HOBBIT Study Guide Part 1


THE HOBBIT Study Guide


INSTRUCTIONS-  On separate pieces of paper answer the questions according to the story.  This study guide will serve as an important instrument for preparing for THE HOBBIT exam over chapters 1-8 .

Chapter 1  An Unexpected Party

1. What is the hobbit house called?
2.  What are the best rooms in the hobbit house?
3.  Describe a hobbit.
4.  What is Bilbo’s mother’s name?
5.  What is Bilbo’s father’s name?
6.  Who first visits the hobbit?
7.  Who are the first two dwarves to arrive?
8.  Who is Thorin Oakenshield?
9.  How many dwarves eventually arrive at the hobbit house?
10. Who was Bullroarer and why is he notable?
11. Who was Golfimbul?
12. Who is Old Smaug?
13. What happened to Dale?
14. What do the dwarves want with Bilbo?

Chapter 2  Roast Mutton

  1. What are the names of the trolls seated around the fire of beech-logs?
  2. What happened when Bilbo tried to steal the troll’s purse?
  3. Who was the last dwarf to be caught by the trolls?
  4. What do the trolls eventually decide to do with the captives?

Chapter 3  A Short Rest

  1. What is the last homely house?
  2. How long did the group stay at the house?
  3. Who is the master of the house?
  4. What is Durin’s Day?

Chapter 4  Over Hill and Under Hill

  1. What are the Misty Mountains?
  2. What are the giants doing?
  3. Who found the dry cave?
  4. Where did the goblins, who took Bilbo and the dwarves captive, come from?
  5. What is Orcrist and why do the goblins hate it?
  6. What happened to the Great Goblin?
  7. What is Glamdring?
  8. What happened to Bilbo?

Chapter 5  Riddles in the Dark

  1. What did Bilbo discover in the dark?
  2. Who does Bilbo meet at the edge of the lake?
  3. Describe the character who resides near the lake.
  4. Why is gollum so upset; what has he lost?
  5. How does Bilbo get by Gollum and the goblins?

Chapter 6  Out of the Frying Pan into the Fire

  1. How long was Bilbo in the goblin caves for?
  2. Who helps Bilbo get into the tree?
  3. What is a warg?
  4. Why had the wargs arrived?
  5. How did the wargs get set on fire?
  6. Who saves Gandalf, Bilbo, and the dwarves?
  7. How was Bilbo’s escape more dramatic than the others?

Chapter 7  Queer Lodgings

  1. Who is leaving the group and why is he leaving?
  2. Who does the group stay with and what is he?
  3. What is the terrible forest called that the group must travel through?
  4. What did Beorn do with the goblin and warg that he captured?
  5. What warning does Beorn give the group about the terrible forest?
  6. What is the name of the black sorcerer?

Chapter 8  Flies and Spiders

  1. Who fell into the dark water?
  2. What distracted the dwarves and Bilbo, causing the accident?
  3. What did the group see in the clearing where trees had been felled?
  4. What did Bilbo do to the first spider that tried to get him?
  5. What did Bilbo name his sword?
  6. What did Bilbo do to agitate the spiders?
  7. Which one of the dwarves was missing?