THE HOBBIT Part 2 Study Guide

INSTRUCTIONS-  On separate pieces of paper answer the questions according to the story.  This study guide will serve as an important instrument for preparing for THE HOBBIT quizzes and final exam.

Chapter IX       Barrels out of Bond

  1. How did Bilbo escape being captured by the Wood-elves?
  2. What did the Elvenking order to be done with the dwarves?
  3. How did Bilbo survive during the dwarves’ confinement?
  4. How long has the dwarves and Bilbo been in the Elven caves?
  5. What did Bilbo propose to escape on?
  6. Why did the chief guard fall asleep while on duty?
  7. Who is Galion and what happens to him?

Chapter X         A Warm Welcome

  1. Who lives in lake Town
  2. How were the dwarves and Bilbo greeted?
  3. Why are the people of Lake Town so happy to see the dwarves?

Chapter XI      On the Doorstep

  1. Where did the company make their first camp?
  2. Who found the secret door?
  3. How was the thrush important?

Chapter XII     Inside Information

  1. Who accompanied Bilbo part way down the cave’s entrance?
  2. What did Bilbo discover in the great bottom-most cellar or dungeon-hall?
  3. What did Bilbo take with him?
  4. Why did Smaug wake up?
  5. Who is the clue-finder, the web-cutter, the stinging fly?
  6. What is Esgaroth?
  7. What weakness does Bilbo detect in Smaug?
  8. What us the Arkentsotne?

Chapter XIII    Not at Home

  1. Why is Bilbo and the dwarves trapped inside of the cave?
  2. What is Mithril?
  3. What do the dwarves and Bilbo do in the cave?
  4. How many days pass since Smaug smashed the magic door?

Chapter XIV   Fire and Water

  1. Where did Smaug go?
  2. How was Smaug killed?
  3. What is the significance of the black arrow/
  4. what did the master do during Smaug’s assault?

Chapter XV     The gathering of Clouds

  1. What is Ravenhill?
  2. Who is Roac?
  3. How old is Roac?
  4. Who is Dain?
  5. Why is Thorin angry?

Chapter XVI   A Thief in the Night

  1. Who sneaks away from the cave?
  2. What does Bilbo give Bard?
  3. Who is Bilbo reunited with?
  4. Where does Bilbo decide to go at the end of the chapter

Chapter XVII   The Clouds Burst

  1. Upon his return, what happens to Bilbo?
  2. Who is Bolg of the North?
  3. What happened during the Battle of Five Armies?
  4. List the 5 armies.

Chapter XVIII   The Return Journey

  1. What happened to Bilbo during the battle?
  2. Who slew Bolg?
  3. What happened to Thorin?
  4. What other dwarves died during the battle?
  5. Who became king under the mountain?
  6. Who traveled with Bilbo on the return journey?

Chapter XIX   The Last Stage

  1. What happened to the Necromancer?
  2. When Bilbo returns to the Shire, what surprise does he find?
  3. Who visits Bilbo in this chapter?
  4. What news does Bilbo learn of?